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Valuable Business Lessons from Dad’s Army & Doctor Who

Businesses can learn a key marketing lesson from the TV oldies, according to a prominent audio branding expert.

A study conducted by PHMG has found Brits consider Dad’s Army and Doctor Who as TV’s most memorable theme tunes, highlighting the enduring appeal of a strong, appropriate audio brand.

Both shows received 12% of the vote in a survey of 1,000 UK consumers conducted by audio branding specialist PHMG, followed by another classic, Match of the Day, which polled 10%.

They beat out competition from the modern era, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (10%) and Friends (nine%), while The Simpsons received a surprisingly low seven%.

The fact that the theme tunes from Dad’s Army and Doctor Who – which both originated in the 1960s – still resonate most with the public today underlines the power of music in building a brand. Further research has found that audio is more powerful than visuals when used in marketing, so businesses can improve memorability and reinforce core values through the appropriate use of music.

Daniel Lafferty, Director of Music and Voice at PHMG, said: “The fact that Dad’s Army still resonates more than 40 years after its last recorded episode might come as a bit of a surprise, but it just highlights the power of a strong audio identity.

“Our sense of hearing is particularly effective in provoking emotional recall, so we often attach feelings or moments to specific sounds. Both Dad’s Army and Doctor Who were particularly successful in using theme tunes that captured the essence of the programmes, making them far more memorable as a result.

“Although it might seem unusual to say Dad’s Army can teach businesses a lesson, there is a shared principle that applies. If companies make better use of audio that is carefully-designed to reflect their brand values – whether used over the telephone, on premises or in TV and radio advertising – it can help them to establish a better connection with customers and boost brand recall.”

When it comes to the most memorable film scores, the James Bond and Star Wars series finished well ahead of the pack, receiving 24% and 20% of the vote respectively.

Saturday Night Fever and Dirty Dancing both polled 12%, while 10% chose Ennio Morricone’s famed work on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Lafferty added: “Both James Bond and Star Wars have developed clear audio identities over the course of many years. Both series have been consistent in what their brands represent, and the music has had a leading role to play in the way this is communicated.”

(Source: PHMG)

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