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Here’s Why Brands Should Capitalise on Brexit

For most companies Brexit is an impending burden on business and operations, but Sven Hughes, CEO and Founder of Verbalisation, believes brands should have a positive outlook on what’s ahead and capitalise on the opportunities presented.

Brexit is back on the agenda. The internal political turmoil in Theresa May’s cabinet has rocked the government. The Chequers agreement has claimed two of the Prime Minister’s most high-profile Brexiteers in the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and our Brexit negotiator David Davies and has prompted a re-shuffle but as a CEO and as a British business owner, my point of view is that should we not embrace Brexit and leave the European Union with our head held high?

The business opportunities for Britain outside of the common market are endless. All the commentators and media onlookers need to stop wagging their fingers at the Conservative government and instead approach Brexit with fresh and renewed enthusiasm. The opportunities for trading with countries and markets away from the European Union are there and ripe for the taking. Personally, I am excited about Brexit. With companies like Airbus and BMW warning about the consequences of Brexit uncertainty, the government is certainly listening to these business leaders, but should we not be more upbeat about what lies ahead for us after March 2019?

We need to start promoting Brexit Britain. Fly the flag around the world and to business leaders far and wide. British brands need to be championed and we must be utilising our innovative skills in marketing and brand promotion to the wider world.

British workers have specific skills in industries like my own – targeted marketing and influence. We lead the world as our workforce in the services are second to none. If you look at what our best British exports are now, industries that take advantage of our educated and highly skilled middle-classes are our most valuable commodity in 2018. Our marketing firms, educational institutions and technological companies push the boundaries and are the exports that should be celebrated on the world stage.

With the US imposing fresh trade tariffs on the EU and China, and becoming increasingly isolationist in their economic policies, there will be a gap in the global market for our businesses to trade with a wide-range of countries from China, Russia and separately with America itself. All away from the constraints we have been under as a member of the European Union. Why are we not working more with Russian companies and advising them on their marketing strategies? Our British schools and higher education facilities should be starting businesses and academies in China. Ultimately by looking far and wide for our new trade agreements, the British economy will surely flourish.

Diversification of our key industries and exports is paramount. There will be new opportunities that will arise post-Brexit and we need our service industries to grasp this with both hands rather than try to re-work old relationships with businesses in the European Union.

Here at my company Verbalisation we have recruited professionals with a wide-range of backgrounds. Talented marketing professionals, ex British army servicemen who have experience in psychological operations and senior managers and directors who have worked in large multi-national corporations and all of whom have come together under one roof at our offices in London to create a marketing firm that can work with a wide-range of international clients on targeted marketing campaigns, helping their businesses grow. We use all the skills that my workforce has to advise and help our clients in 2018.

We need to keep in mind the objectives and the goals of why the British people voted for Brexit in the first place. Hopefully, we can catch the ball with both hands and run with it. We must be positive and plan to capitalise on Brexit Britain.

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